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More to life than this?

Have you ever wondered if there is more to life than this, what you are doing here, or if there is any purpose to existence? If so, the Alpha course offers the opportunity to explore these questions, and many others, whilst investigating whether the Christian faith has anything to offer?

Each evening of the course begins with a hot meal before a short presentation is given on the focused subject of the week. Discussion groups follow, where over a cup of tea or coffee, you will have the opportunity to reflect on the presentation and ask any related, or for that matter unrelated, questions that you may have.

We are not arrogant enough to believe we have all the answers, but are happy to share what we feel we do understand, and to listen to other opinions and ideas. We believe the bible to hold the answers to many of the big questions of life, and the course will explore why we hold it as a reliable source.

Subjects covered include; "Who really was Jesus?", "How and why should I read the bible?", "How to overcome evil?", "Does God heal today?" and "Who is the Holy Spirit?".

The course takes place as two six week blocks. We believe that these big questions can be answered, and as a church are excited to share the journey of exploration with you.

Whether you are a believer, or a cynic, or anywhere in between we would love to welcome you.

To book a place on the course please contact the church office and notify us of any particular dietary requirements. You can call us on 01234 217519 or email

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