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What's in a Gift?

Most of us have experienced the thrill of receiving a package wrapped in bright paper and tied with ribbon or endless strips of sellotape, blocking a quick entry!

Children tear at the paper eager to discover what it contains; others examine the shape, give it a shake or sniff the exterior in an attempt to guess what is hidden inside.

Sometimes the parcel arrives bang on time and can be opened immediately; it may be delivered...or discovered, ahead of the day. How many people can then ignore its presence, looking at it from afar, but not handling or breaking it open?

Often, much thought has gone into choosing/buying/making the gift in an attempt to find something that will really please the recipient.

Not all gifts come wrapped in Christmas Paper.

Have you ever considered prayer as a gift? This is what our Church is offering you: a gift you can claim at any time; one that can have far reaching results - beyond your dreams.

So how can you open this gift?

You are very welcome to drop in at the Church Offices, both in Denmark Street, any weekday morning to personally ask for prayer. You can ring us, or put a written request through the letter box - mark the envelope 'Prayer'.

As Christians, we come daily before the living God to appreciate Him, and share our differnet concerns and requests. Both individually and collectively we have seen prayer answered...not always how we expected! Sometimes it is immediate, but other times we need to wait - God's timing is different from ours.

There are people, both in the Church office and on the prayer teams, who would be delighted to pray for you, or with you. This will always be in the strictest confidence.

We hope that you will accept and unwrap the gift.

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