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Still Speaking

Our Christmas theme was exploring ‘Jesus fact or fiction?’ This piece was written for our ‘Carols by Candlelight’ service to show the thread of God’s involvement from the beginning.

In the beginning was God and God spoke out,

He said ‘let there be’ and there was, his words brought light, life, beauty and incredible diversity.

Giving of himself, his words made man, made woman,

Bringing him pleasure, giving blessing, enjoying relationship.

He spoke when sin came too, sad words of loss, love and separation.

Through the years He spoke again, words of hope, words of promise, weaving his redemptive plan to bring us back to him.

After years of silence again He spoke - into a world that was poised ready for the entrance of Jesus, his only much loved son.

Mary heard, she responded, she welcomed. Joseph heard, he obeyed, he loved. Shepherds and wise men all heard, followed and worshiped.

Jesus lived his life to make a way – he was that way.

He spoke of truth and a different way to live.

God spoke again, at the cross. It is finished! And it was.

The power of death defeated as Jesus rose again.

He is speaking still today, His words pour out through the pages of his book through the things he has made through those who know him.

Why does he not stay silent?

He speaks because he loves, because he longs, he longs for you to listen.

For you to follow.

For you to worship.

Can you hear him?

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