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One Touch from the King

Jesus touched many lives during his earthly ministry on his journey toward the cross. Over the Lenten period, this series of reflections will look at some of the lives he touched. You might like to use them over the next few weeks to think about the cross and the victory that Jesus won for each one of us. Allow his life, journey and message to touch you.


In Mark’s gospel we read about Jesus’ encounter with a woman who had been ill with a bleeding disorder for 12 years. Her story is found in the middle of Mark’s account of Jesus healing of Jairus’ daughter. A touch of Jesus was life-changing for her. Read the account in Mark 5 v 21 – 43, then reflect on it from her viewpoint...

One touch

I had lost hope. Illness had taken everything from me: my money, my strength and my place in society. For 12 long years I’d been unclean, living my life on the edge as an observer, imprisoned by my circumstances.

Then I heard about you, Jesus. I heard people speak of you, of what you were doing, and a tiny seed of hope took root in my heart. I knew that I had to see you.

When you arrived in my town, I watched as crowds pressed around you. You were on your way somewhere. I sensed urgency in the crowd and I knew that if I didn’t act soon I’d miss my chance. I couldn’t stand and watch any longer.

Desperation urged me forward, my head down to avoid recognition, closer and closer. I chose to ignore the mutterings as I pushed my way in, weaving through the mass of legs and clothing.

At last I managed to reach out my hand and touch the hem of your robe. Incredible! I felt a wave of power spread through me in that instant and I knew I’d been healed.

For a moment I couldn’t move. Then I realised that everyone around me was standing still too. You had stopped. You were speaking, asking who had touched you. People laughed at the question. My mouth went dry, I couldn’t hide.

As I slowly raised my head, I realised that you were looking at me. I met your gaze, no longer caring what the crowd thought. For what I saw in your eyes was compassion, not judgement. Then you said that word I hadn’t heard for years. ‘Daughter’, you said, ‘Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace.’ That’s what I did.

Not only did you heal my body, you healed my heart too. Thank you Jesus.

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