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The Gift

Jesus was getting closer to Jerusalem, soon he would face the events leading up to his death. He stopped at Bethany, the home of his friends, Lazarus, Martha and Mary. Mary’s act of love takes place during a meal time.

You can read the account in John 12 v 1 - 8.

The Gift

In his presence Mary felt at peace.

At his feet she willingly listened.

Her spirit found stillness, and she drew deeply from the wells of his wisdom.

Mary chose to sit with him; she loved to hear him teach.

Soaking up his words, she allowed them to change her.

Sensing that a change was coming, a time of pain and loneliness;

Mary longed to help.

She wanted to give him something.

When opportunity arose she acted.

The guests were gathered together around the table.

Unannounced, her act of worship hushed every voice.

All eyes were drawn to her bowed figure.

The extravagance of her worship affronted minds.

As the perfume flowed over his feet and into her hair;

the fragrance of her worship filled the room. It lingered.

Jesus received her gift, her sacrifice, he affirmed her timely act.

Touched by her gift he continued towards Jerusalem.

To the place where he would give the greatest gift, to us.


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